Who we are

Team of five motivated and innovative students who are convinced that sustainability will determine our future. We want to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals with our work.

We got to know each other over a three-month project within the framework of an innovation promotion. During this time, we recognized the potential of the idea but also of the interdisciplinary cooperation, which is why we are pushing the project further!


“For me, travel is a fantastic way to think outside the box, or simply to relax. I am convinced that we can organize our leisure time in an environmentally friendly way without having to restrict ourselves particularly.” – Master Environmental Science and Sustainability


“I have a lot of fun with sports and nature, and I also like to travel. So that I and future generations can continue to do this, we must all continue to move in the right direction. We want to make our contribution to this with this project!” – Master Mechatronics | Software Developer


“Traveling is my passion, I love to get to know other cultures, food and languages. You learn a lot when you travel, you develop yourself and get new impressions. It is therefore all the more important that we all start promoting sustainable travel behavior today, so that the generations after us will also have these opportunities.” – Student in tourism management with focus on data science and sustainability.


“Through my profession, I have the opportunity to work from anywhere. I could be in the most different places in the world! But the thought of whether this is really sustainable was not out of my mind, which is why I like to bring my experience in web development to Holirate. So I can give everyone the opportunity to travel more sustainably.” – Dual student of electrical engineering and information technology and experience in web development