How do I create a sustainable vacation? How do I avoid environmental damage when traveling without paying more?

Based on your journey, we will show you environmentally friendly alternatives so that you can make a direct contribute directly to the protection of the environment.

HoliRate evaluates your trip according to sustainability criteria and helps you with tips and alternative suggestions to make your vacation more environmentally friendly.

At a glance


Evaluate your trip with few and simple questions


Creating awareness about the consequences on the environment


Making habits around travel more sustainable with actionable tips customized for every user


Do something for the environment without extra effort or higher costs

We want to show that every decision we make, even on vacation, has an effect on the environment. There is huge potential in our travel behavior. With every decision for a more environmentally friendly alternative, we are making a journey together in the right direction. In this way, we can ensure that our future generations can also marvel at the wonders of this planet.

Holi-Rate Team